About Photon Formosa

In 1969, Our predecessor “Sheng Hong” established 50 years ago is the first nonwovens producer in Taiwan.

Having the confidence in the nonwoven prospect in Taiwan, a joint venture between two world-leading non-woven manufacturer :  Carl Freudenberg Co. and Japan Vilene Co., “Taiwan Vilene Nonwovens Co., Ltd.”(now. Freudenberg & Vilene Nonwovens (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.) was established in 1981.


Although nonwoven field stands a severe test due to the requirement of  environment protection, we deeply believe that there should be still much development space in the nonwoven production, therefore, in 1988, separately founded “Photon Formosa Co., Ltd.” and we are proud of extending a new stage for the nonwoven products.


By the time of 1993, we started our own research on new production method. Upon many years of studies and researches, we have successfully invented “Suction Forming Process”, a new producing method which combine Pulp with the nonwoven producing experiences.